Do you have a Affiliate / Referral Program

I'm super mega stoked to hear that you're seeing the benefits of Basement Beast and now want to share it with the world!!

Hell yeah!!!

First off, virtual high five for being a positive influence on your family member, friend, or even stranger.

You want to invest your energy into helping the Beast Brotherhood grow, and you deserve something in return - 100%.

Unfortunately, we don't have an affiliate / referral program at this time. 
Simply put - we're a startup and haven't had the time to invest in setting this up just yet - and, in all honesty, our Dev Team is working on all fronts right now to get more content, optimize the site/portal, a mobile app, etc out to improve your user experience. It, therefore, may be a while before we have an affiliate program set in place. 

That being said, please do continue to share your Basement Beast experience with your community. This not only helps us grow, but helps my team and I to continue to create effective and genuine workout programs for you and the rest of the Beast Brotherhood.

If you want to gift Basement Beast to a friend, here's a great starter kit:

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