Getting Started

Okay - before I say anything else, I want to give you a HUGE VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE ๐Ÿ– ๐Ÿ– 

I am so, so proud of you for taking this step to sign up for Basement Beast - the first step to a lifelong journey of health, fitness, and happiness (because the three come in a package)!

I know it took a lot of courage to take this first step, because..believe it or not...I was there, too. I know what it's like to want to improve your health, look, and feel, but not know where to start. That is why I created Basement Beast and that is why this program will change your life!

Alright, one more virtual high five ๐Ÿ–  - and let's get started.

Well, first and foremost: you can dive into Week 1 of your 12-Week Transformation immediately (see #3 below for access info).

Let me be on-the-nose with this one so you can start on your new body ASAP: you DO NOT need bands to complete Week 1 - you can begin your workouts today!

The first week of workouts is an acclimation week to prepare you for what's to come - it can be done with just bodyweight. You won't need your resistance bands until Week 2. 

What else can you do to maximize your results? Easy...

  1.  Make sure you "whitelist" and look out for my email - - so that you get all important updates and workouts
  2. Keep an eye out for an email from me with the login details to your private Membership Portal (which you can access by clicking here). Once you're all set up, I encourage you to explore the membership site to familiarize yourself with all the tools I've given you to help in your transformation.
  3.  Click here to request access our exclusive Basement Beast Facebook Group (and please allow up to 24 hours for your request to be approved). From there, be sure to introduce yourself to your fellow Beasts with a post, and comment words of encouragement on your Beastmates' posts!

Once you've completed that little bit of "homework" I suggest you get started with the fun stuff (ie getting the body you want) by reading through your copy the Lean Muscle Nutrition Blueprint, which you can download as a PDF in the Nutrition Section of your Membership Portal (click here to download).

Take a few moments to study this Blueprint carefully as nutrition is a large part of your transformation.

Once you learn how powerful a healthy diet is and how certain foods can influence your body...

Then it's time to go through my cooking videos, explore some recipes to start cooking/preparing for the coming week, and then head to the grocery store to get the foods you'll need to hit the ground running in Week 1.

If you're on the busier side (kids, school, long work hours, etc...) and buying, prepping, and cleaning up all the food feels like it's going to be a bit too much for you...

Don't worry, I've got you covered...

I partnered with my favorite meal prep service FlexPro meals (these are guys who I used personally for my meal prep when I competed, and who I still use today when I get really busy) to handle EVERYTHING for you.

That way, if "life" does come along, you'll still be able to hit your diet without missing a step. Delicious, Beast-friendly meals that match your nutrition needs EXACTLY will "magically" wind up on your doorstep so all you have to do it heat them up and enjoy.

If you're interested in this option, click here to learn more about  FlexPro meals (including the deal I struck that can save all Beasts up to $100 per order).

Please keep in mind that everything I put in place for you โ€“ the workouts, the meal plans, the support, etc - merely serve as a tool for you to maximize your progress.

At the end of the day, itโ€™s YOU versus YOU โ€“ the more you dedicate yourself to the program and the harder you work on becoming the best you can be, the faster youโ€™ll see resultsโ€ฆ results that will compile (and amaze everyone you know haha).

My goal is for you to fall in love with fitness and to utilize the lessons that this continued transformation will teach you to grow in all aspects of your life.

Thank you for trusting me in being your guide on this exciting journey!

Iโ€™m just as excited as you are to get started on this physical and mental transformation together!

Let's go BEAST!



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