Do I have to do cardio or go on some impossible-to-follow Diet?


There is no cardio in the Basement Beast program. 

Of course, I know you’re smart enough to know what you eat affects the results you get. 

The problem is the fitness industry has turned eating into a nightmare for most guys. 

If you’re skinny, they say you have to force-feed yourself every few hours and eat 5000+ calories a day. 

If you’re chubby, they tell you to eat like a bird, avoid all carbs, and cut out foods you love. 

That doesn’t even mention the trainers and “experts” who are way too obsessive and bully you into believing if you don’t eat the exact correct number of calories... from the exact combination of proper foods... with an exact amount of protein... every 3 hours on the dot... that you’ll make zero progress.

It doesn’t have to be so hard. 

In the free Lean Muscle Nutrition Blueprint that you get as part of today’s package, I’ll show you the easy way to eat and make gains... without losing your sanity. 

Combine that with the 3 powerful chain reactions that make your body hyper-responsive to using every calorie you eat to gain muscle and get chiseled, and you’ll never have to trade-off between how you eat and how you look again.Dancing.gif


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