I want to change my metrics from pounds (lbs) to kilograms (kg)/ kg to lb / Imperil to Metric

As you may have noticed in the Facebook Group, the Beast Brotherhood is international.

Awesome, right!?!?!

Naturally, some Beasts like to follow the Metric System, while others the Imperial System.

Not to worry - you can easily navigate between the two based on your preference.

Here's how (note that you have to be logged into you account):

  1. Click on the Gorilla Icon at the top right to access your Account Details
  2. At the bottom of your Account Details page, you'll find the Systems of Measurement option
  3. Simply select Metric System or Imperial System based on your preferenceScreen_Shot_2021-05-19_at_2.02.11_PM.png
  4. Hit Save Changes

And whooolllaaa - you're done...now go back to crushing it!!



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