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You see results or you don't pay - that was my promise and I stand by that.
I know that signing up for Basement Beast and committing yourself to this pursuit of a healthier and happier lifestyle took a lot of courage.
I know that because...well...I've been there. And I've worked with thousands of guys that were in our shoes. Thousands of guys who've overcome that fear - climbed that seemingly impossible mountain and are now standing at the top of it, looking back and their accomplishment, and smiling from ear to ear. 

Why am I telling you this? 

Simple - I want you to be up there with us - looking back and smiling at how far you've come.

So - before quitting - I would like to ask you to take a moment to think about how your next 3 months will look like and if giving up is truly what you want. Don't do this reflection for me - do it for you. 

I'd also like you to consider a three things before giving up on your goals of transforming you physique and improving your health:

  •  it takes time - although you can "feel" affects of the work you're doing almost instantly ( increased energy, better focus, more positive thoughts, etc) most of the BEASTS don't start seeing dramatic physical results until 8 weeks into their transformation. Why? It takes time for your body to adjust to this new lifestyle. Once your physique starts changing, however, these changes will be faster than you image - trust me. 
  • you're not alone - I was alone when I first decided to take charge of my health - and I quit...because it gets hard and I had no one to motivate me. That's why I created the Basement Beast Brotherhood. If you haven't checked it out yet, take a moment and CLICK HERE to introduce yourself, share the hurdle you're currently experiencing. Take full advantage of ALL aspects of Basement Beast before throwing the hard work you've done this far away. 
  • it's not about you - as I'm sure you knew going into this, this new lifestyle you chose to commit yourself to is not about you. It's about setting an example for your family, your friends, and your community. Lead by example.

If, however, you're set on quitting, I understand.
Please help me improve Basement Beast by completing the attached survey. Once received, a member of my customer service team will get back to you to process your refund.



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