Where can I get a set of Resistance Bands? How much do your Resistance Bands Cost?

Here's the simple truth...
it's not hard to find bands online but obviously Basement Beast can't vouch for the quality of those bands.
A lot of the bands you find on Amazon or other sites tend to be low-quality -- they either have much lower resistance than they should (a telltale sign of cheap rubber) or they're manufactured in a cost-cutting way that leads to frequent breakage and snapping.
The result? ...you're either getting a less effective workout, or worse, your bands snap and you have to buy another set and put your workouts on hold while you wait for it to arrive.
The flip side of all this, of course, is to buy the Basement Beast Resistance Bands, which -- unlike all the cheap brands online -- have received the Basement Beast stamp of approval.
That's not just empty air either. We've worked with half a dozen different manufacturers to settle on the highest quality bands possible. They are durable, they have the proper amount of resistance, and they have now been "battle-tested" by tens of thousands of Beasts.
As a final note, using the Basement Beast bands makes the workouts easier to follow because you can simple match the color to the bands being used in each video.
So - how much are these bands?
For $117, you get our entire Set, which includes:

- 4 high quality Resistance Bands...ranging Light to X-Heavy - giving you up to 150 lbs of resistance!
- 5 high quality Yoga Bands...ranging from X-Light to X-Heavy
- 1 Large Drawstring Bag to keep everything neat and keep you ready to go
- 1 Yoga Pouch - to store your Yoga Bands.

That's a deal, right? Well...it get's even better.
Sign up now by clicking below and you'll get a one time discount of $20 on your first set!!


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