How can I track my Progress?

You're crushing your first couple of workouts and have changed your eating habits. Good job for sticking with it! I know it's a lot to take on to start, but you're doing it and I'm proud of you...keep going!! The fun just started!  Let's get it!!
To take full advantage of of this program, I created a special Progress Log (
click here to view) for you to track your progress and keep you on track.
Make sure you go in every day to update check off your tasks to keep you on track.
On the first day of each week, I'm going to ask you to take a progress photo (more on that in a bit). On day four and seven, I'm going to ask you to update your stats - weight, measurement of your waist, and other stats you want to track.
It might not make sense right now, but this is a special trick I use with my my clients for 2 reasons:
1 - it allows you to track you progress in a simple, easy, and efficient way without obsessing over 100s of measurements.
2 - on days where you feel down or sluggish (we all have those days), you can look back at what you accomplished, get back on the horse, and continue crushing it.

So - to update your stats:
1: Select "Update Stats" on your Progress Log
2: Update your weight and the measurements of waist, chest, arms, and thighs
3: Select "Apply" and watch the graph update itself every week 
Once a week, I'd also like you to take a progress photo and save it for your records - for bonus motivation, upload it to the Facebook Group (click here to join).

To give you an idea of how this progress photo should be taken, take a look at the way fellow BasementBeast Ken took his:


Now, these two photos were taken 12 weeks apart - the left on his first day of the BasementBeast Transformation, and the right on Day 84.
As you can tell, it's very easy to compare his physique in the two as the lighting and camera angle are the same. You'll also notice that he's relaxed and facing the camera straight on in both. That's key to having solid progress picture - having consistent light, body stands and camera angle.
You may not notice too big of a difference in the photos from week to week, and that's okay! When comparing photos after a few weeks, however, you will see a clear trend of your body's transformation.
Alright! Let's get those photos and stats uploaded, let's keep crushing the workouts, and let's keep with the new and healthy diet!
I'm excited for you BEAST!!!


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