What do I do about stubborn fat? How do I spot reduce fat?

I wish I could give you the "magic trick" to spot reduce that stubborn belly/ chest/ arm/ etc fat, but I can't. 
Unfortunately, there is no way to "spot reduce" fat...you need to drop overall body fat to get those stubborn sections dialed in.
Don't get frustrated, however!
There is a silver lining: as you drop more and more body fat, you'll notice that those "stubborn" areas will begin to melt away much faster once your body's overall fat drops.

Let's look at an example:

Let's say Beast X has 18% body fat and looks fairly lean in the arms, legs and face, but has a round beer belly that does not seem to want to go away. This means that Beast X holds most of his body fat in one area, ie. the stomach.

If Beast X now completes XtremeShred, follows the diet to the "T" and pushes himself during the workouts - he'll drop overall body fat. For sake of this example, let's say he dropped 4% body fat in 4 weeks and is now at 14% body fat.
His arms may have gotten slightly leaner, but he's seen a significant decrease in body fat on his belly. If he now continues on working out, maybe jumping into Beast Nation, and following the meal plan I lay out, he will continue to drop overall body fat - which will show mostly in his stomach.

Important Notice: If you've tried everything (stuck with the diet, workouts, etc) and have not seen a decrease overall belly fat or haven't seen any reduction in the size of your stomach, there may be something more going on. It may be a sign of a food intolerance/allergy or another issue in your GI Tract. Please see your doctor. She or he may be able to guide you further on this journey.

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