What if I'm sick? What if I need to take a few days off?

Listen to your body!

If you're sick - there is no reason to "muscle through" and push your already stressed body even more.
Instead, give your body the time it needs to heal.

After all, fitness is not a superficial pursuit for your anymore..now it's about that amazing feeling you get when you complete a workout, the huge influx of energy that you have throughout the day, and the positive mindset that working out and eating healthy has introduced you to.

So, again, take the time you need to heal, unwind, and recover.
When you're ready to pick things back up, check out the below article I wrote to help you get back "in the swing" of things :)

What if I missed a week or two? Where do I back up after a break?
Get well - and then get back to CRUSHING IT when you're ready :)

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