What if I missed a week or two? Where do I back up after a break?

I am really, really proud of you!
I'm proud of you because you're not beating yourself up over missing a week - instead, you're being productive and are finding a solution to get back on track! You know what that calls for? Yup -  a virtual high five 🖐!!

Before we dive into how you can get back on track, I want to address one thing:
Fitness is not a short term game (you're not here for 12 weeks and then you're gonna quit). Fitness is a lifelong pursuit - a lifelong journey, which will lead to a healthier body and mind...not just better looks. So you missed X amount of days...that's fine! Because - when looking at your fitness journey in it's entirety - a few days is nothing! Especially if those few days were needed because you were sick, stressed, etc. Listening to your body is key - so good job!

So - how can you get back on track?
I would recommend repeating the last one or two workout(s) you did before your break to "get the blood moving again."
From there, pick right up where you left off and get back to CRUSHING IT..because that's what BEAST do!!


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