What if I'm always hungry and can't seem to lose weight?

I know dieting is hard!
Sometimes - the hunger can get to you and make you feel like sticking with your diet is impossible. Well - I'm here to tell you that it is possible! We simply have to find a way to "trick" your stomach into feeling full - without overshooting your caloric goal.
The secret is to eat low calorie, high volume foods. One cup of spinach, for example, has 7 calories, while one cup of peanut butter has a whopping 1,500 calories! See the difference here? So try to find foods that have very few calories per serving and stuff your face (yup - I mean it) with those.

My favorite low calorie food?
Celery - a whole stalk of celery contains fewer than 6 calories - and, when you account the amount of energy your body uses to metabolize the celery, it actually has negative calories...meaning you can burn calories by eating Celery!

You'll soon realize that foods like these make staying on track with your caloric goal much, much easier and manage those hunger cravings.

Here are some of my other favorites:

Fruit is a great way to pack in some nutrients on the go.

1. Apples - one small apple contains just 86 calories

2. Lychees - one lychee clocking in at under 7 calories

3. Papayas - a one cup serving has just 43 calories

4. Grapefruits - a slice of grapefruit contains just 10 calories

5. Strawberries - a single strawberry contains just 6 calories

6. Raspberries - a cup of raspberries has 78 calories

8. Cherries - one cup of cherries is just 95 calories

These fresh, low calorie foods add pep and flavor to a salad or meal. Try incorporating more fiber-rich vegetables into cooking to make filling and nutritious meals:

1. Arugula - a cup of arugula contains approximately 5 calories

2. Radishes - one cup of radish slices has just 18 calories

3. Asparagus - one cup has just 27 calories

4. Peppers - a one cup serving of peppers contains just 25 calories

5. Tomatoes - a medium tomato has around 40 calories

6. Iceberg lettuce - one cup of shredded lettuce contains only 10 calories

7. Cucumber - one cup of sliced cucumber contains just 18 calories

8. Beets - a medium beet contains approximately 34 calories

9. Zucchini - a zucchini contains just 40 calories

The following foods are all packed full of vitamins and minerals but contain far fewer calories than many popular side dishes, such as french fries, sliced bread and butter, or roast potatoes.

1. Pumpkin - one cup has just 30 calories

2. Red cabbage -one cup of shredded red cabbage contains just under 22 calories

3. White mushrooms - one cup of sliced white mushrooms comes in at just 15 calories

4. Cauliflower - one cup  contains just 27 calories

5. Brussels sprouts - one cup contains just 39 calories

6.  Spinach -one contains just 7 calories

7. Green beans -a  cup of green beans contains just 31 calories

8. Kale -  one cup of kale has just under 9 calories

9. Carrots - one carrot is just 25 calories

10. Broccoli - one cup contains just over 30 calories

Condiments and flavorings
Some foods are lower in calories than people may think and can add a lot of flavor to a dish. This can help reduce the temptation to add calorific condiments, oils, and sauces for flavor.

1. Vegetable broth - a bowl of vegetable broth or bouillon contains just 12 calories

2. Hot sauce - one teaspoon contains just 5 calories

3. Miso broth - per 250ml serving, Miso broth has around 40 calories

4. Garlic - one garlic clove contains just under 5 calories

5. Mustard - one teaspoon has just 6 calories

6. Unsweetened cocoa powder - only 12 calories per tablespoon 

7. Lemons and limes - one fluid ounce (fl oz) of lemon or lime juice has just 7 caloriesMEDICAL

Many drinks, such as fruit juices, are much more caloric than people may realize. Anyone trying to lose weight should pay attention to the calories in the liquids they drink.

1. Coffee - brewed coffee contains just over 2 calories per cup

2. Tea - also only 2 calories per cup.

3. Diet Soda - although not the healthiest, diet soda has zero calories and usually gets the job done when it comes to fulfilling a sweet tooth. 


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