Can I combine multiple programs or double up workouts if I want to speed up fat loss or increase muscle gain?

Yes - you 100% can!

  • If your goal is to speed up your fat loss, add a couple of XtremeShred workouts to your current routine. 
    • Simply add an XtremeShred workout on your rest day or after your workout to really turn up the intensity and push that transformation and fat loss to the next level.
    • Just make sure doing this extra workout doesn't take away energy from your main program - the goal is to maximize muscle growth as this will help you burn more calories (and with that fat) around the clock
  • If you have a body part that's a bit behind (for me it's always been legs), and you want to have it catch up to the rest of your body there area a few options - let's use legs as an example:
    • you can add repeat the leg workout for that week during a rest day. So if I did legs on Monday, I can hit the same leg workout again on Thursday (my usual rest day) to maximize muscle growth.
    • you can add another round at the end of your workout. Using legs as an example again, I can rewind the workout after completing it and do the final round one (or even two) more time(s).
  • you can do a burnout set. Again, using legs here, I can do 100 air squats at the end of my workout - trust me...your legs will explode!!



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