What should my form during a Deadlift look like?

The Deadlift - often called the "King of all Exercises," because it works your entire posterior chain (Hamstrings, Glutes, and Spinal Erectors).
So - how do you do a proper deadlift?

Step 1

Step on your Basement Beast resistance band with both feet, ensuring even band slack on both sides. Unless I instruct otherwise (for the occasional sumo or narrow squat), keep feet shoulder width apart.


Step 2

Engage your abs and lean over while keeping your spine straight and gaze forward - to ensure neck is straight, as well. With a very slight bend in the knees, grip the resistance bands firmly.


Step 3

Freeze your hips in place – they are not allowed to move from here.


Step 4

Take a breath in and tick out your chest allowing all the muscles of your back to tighten. Make sure your abs stay engaged and your spine stays straight.


Step 5

Engage the hamstrings and glutes as you bring your torso from the bent over position back to standing position. Breathe out as you come up


Step 6

At the top of the movement (when standing upright) squeeze the glutes together as hard as you can.

Step 7

Take a Breath in and slowly return to the starting (bent over) position before going into your next rep.

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