Why is it important for me to do exercises right - with proper form?

Proper exercise form and execution is key and the thing I stress the most to all Beasts for 3 reasons:

1. Injury Prevention

2. Long Term Health

3. Accurately Targeting and Engaging Muscles

So, let's dive in...
1. Injury Prevention:

The absolute worst is when you get into the flow, crush workout after workout, and start to see great results…only to get injured and to be be forced to put your progress to a halt while you recover.

I, therefore, encourage you to take a few moments to review the below Articles on proper exercise form and execution to minimize the risk of injury.
Remember - if you do get injured, listen to your body, rest, and seek medical attention. 
Being a Beast is a lifelong journey revolving around health and fitness - when you need time off due to an injury, take it...it'll help you in the long run!

2. Long Term Health

This ties into injury prevention.

Repeating exercises with incorrect form over and over doesn’t always lead to acute injuries, but can often also lead to long term negative effects on your posture. My personal goal is to be fit and pain free for the long term – I’m sure yours is, too. After all, that's what being a BEAST is all about!

What is the key to achieving this? Good posture, which start with proper form during workouts.

3. Accurately Targeting and Engaging Muscles

Yes – I’m mentioning this last.

Even though, when you first got started with Basement Beast, your goal was probably to get shredded and look great, I find Injury Prevention and Long Term Health far more crucial. Why? Because without those two, you can’t work out…it’s that simple.

Even more reason to pay close attention here.

So – not only will proper exercise form and execution give you the ability to keep working out, but it will allow you to maximize your results.


Let’s look at the Deadlift, for example. If I am arching my back, I am unable to fully engage my posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes and spinal erectors). On the contrary, keeping my spine straight, abs engaged, and neck in line, will allow me to target my entire posterior chain and maximize muscle engagement/growth. Same exercise – but the form made all the difference.

So what does proper form look like? Take a look at the following articles :)




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