Can I drink Alcohol and still see results?

You don't have to cut out alcohol to see results in your training and diet.
Let me back up a bit - I believe that life is about balance, and my goal is for you to have real and sustainable results. Even I enjoy the occasional drink (or two) with friends. Of course, if you have 3 beers every night or 10 shots of Tequila on a Friday (not sure if that's even possible, but you get the idea), you're not going to see the best results, nor will you feel "beastly" - the key is moderation.

Do your best to limit drinking to once a week and, when you do, try not to take it overboard.

To help you out, here are some ~100 calorie drink options that most bartenders can make and that taste amazing:

  1. Gin and soda or diet tonic
  2. Tequila with lime juice and soda water
  3. Vodka and soda or diet tonic
  4. Rum and diet coke
  5. Mojito with light syrup 
  6. Martini
  7. Paloma
  8. Light beer
  9. White/red wine or rosé
  10. Champagne 

So - Beast - party on...responsiblyparty.png


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