What if I don’t follow any diet and just do the workouts?

This journey is about setting attainable goals and building on those.
Going from 0-100 is great for “quick” results, but is usually not sustainable.

You’re doing the workouts - that’s an amazing start and you will see results.

The more you commit yourself to this transformation, the greater your results will be.

I understand that a diet can be another big and seemingly intimidating step to take….

I promise you, however, it’s not.
Take another look at the Lean Muscle Nutrition Blueprint (click here to download) to see how manageable this really is. 

Again, it’s all a process - take one step at a time...replace one unhealthy diet choice with a healthy one and build on that.
Remember that you signed up for Basement Beast because you are eager to change...use that drive as motivation to take this transformation one step further each day.

And..if Michael can do it, so can you...


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