Is there an option for vegan/vegetarian Beasts?


First off, I salute you for being so dedicated to your diet - I know it’s not easy being Vegan (I tried....and failed haha)

To help, I list quite a few Vegan and Vegetarian options, I wrote you a Lean Muscle Nutrition Blueprint (click here to download) and even have recipes and cooking videos (click here to view), so check those out after you sign up!

With your membership, you will also get access to the exclusive Facebook Group (click here to join), which will give you a chance to meet other Vegan/Vegetarian Beasts. 
So, once signed up, put out a post asking for guidance and I guarantee you that you'll

- learn from a fellow BEASTS how to crush your goals while sticking to your Vegan/Vegetarian diet

- make a new lifelong friend 

That's what we, as BEASTS do - we help each other 🦍 🦍 😎 


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