Have other questions regarding your diet?

If you have a question about your diet that you don't see addressed in any of the articles and you can't find the answer to in the Lean Muscle Nutrition Blueprint, please let me know - shoot my team and I and email: fabian@basementbeast.com or message me directly on Instagram (@fabian.petrina) - I may take a few days to reply, but I do make it a goal of mine to get back to everyone within a week 😎 

Another way to get the answers you're looking for...and fast is to check with the Beast Brotherhood!
Beasts on the Facebook Group (click here to join) that are ready to answer/help with your questions and guide you as you get started in this program!
Don't be afraid to ask!!
Put out a post asking for guidance and I guarantee you that you'll

- learn from a fellow BEASTS how to crush your goals 

- make a new lifelong friend 

That's what we, as BEASTS do - we help each other 🦍 🦍 😎 

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