What about intermittent fasting / Keto / other diets?

I know there is a lot of compelling research around Keto and Intermittent Fasting creating quite a hype.

So let me say this - I am not against intermittent fasting or keto. However, I recommend that my clients follow the diet I lay out in the Lean Muscle Nutrition Blueprint (click here to download)- ie. eating four balanced meals a day.

Not only has this worked best for myself and everyone I have worked with to get on track for sustainable results, but it's also way easier than starving yourself for 23 hours just to stuff your face for 1 (or whatever timing X protocol suggests).

Like Michael Scott so beautifully said - K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) haha

If you're still curious about Intermitted Fasting and want to give it a try, I would say try it for a month and see how your body responds.

There are also a lot of BEASTS on the Facebook Group (click here to join) that have tried Intermitted fasting and can give you their feedback on it. 
Put out a post asking for guidance and I guarantee you that you'll

- learn more about intermitted fasting from fellow BEASTS 

- make a new lifelong friend 

That's what we, as BEASTS do - we help each other 🦍 🦍 😎 



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