How much should I be eating? What's my Calorie and macro goal? we go.
Get your notebook, grab a pen, and get ready to do some MAJOR math..

Just kidding! haha

I took care of that for you!

To get to the business of transforming your body, simply use the Basement Beast Calorie Calculator, which we’ve custom-built for you.

Once there,

1. Answer the few questions

    • Is your goal to:
        • Gain Size
        • Get Lean
        • Maintain Current Weight (slowly replace fat with muscle)
    • In the past, I've had a
        • Hard Time Gaining Size
        • Hard Time Leaning Out
        • Never Followed a Diet Before
    • Select the program you're currently doing Enter your Age, Height and Starting Weight

3. Boom - there you have your daily caloric intake and macro breakdown

4. Repeat steps 1-3 every 2 weeks as your weight changes

Now all that's left to do is to CRUSH IT!!



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