Resistance Bands Return/Exchange Policy

We use a unique process called “layered pressing” when producing our bands. Most resistance bands are made by pouring rubber into a single mold.

Basement Beast Bands are made by shaking our premium natural latex into multiple layers, eliminating air bubbles and other imperfections.

From there, we press 3-12 (depending on bandwidth) different layers together to from one solid and snap resistant band.Put simply - we source the best bands on the market and we go above and beyond to when it comes to quality control.

We offer a 90-day warranty if they are met with these conditions:

- Customer did not wear shoes while working out with the bands and/or when securing the band against a sharp / hard object, did not use a towel or cloth.

- Bands should not be opened.

- For the bands that have been shipped out, a refund is not possible at the time of request as the package has been shipped out and voiding it is not possible.
 Please be informed that you'll have to ship it back to us in its manual shipping. There will be a  “15% Restocking Fee” since the bands were already sent out. Everything that came with the bands should be shipped back to us unopened and no damage.
Afterwards kindly notify us once you received the bands, so we could email you with a return label that you can print out.

The policy indicated above are applicable to all Basemen Beast customers within the US.

Refund/Exchange for Basement Beast members outside the US is not possible.

PS. Tips for making your bands last longer:

If you take a look at the Bands Tips and Tricks video, you'll see that it suggest stepping on one side of the band to adjust the weight.

And If you missed it, the video can be found at the beginning of Week 2 of the 12wk transformation.

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